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Now Officials Say Wisconsin Elex System WAS Targeted By Russians

Wisconsin elections leaders say a variety of intelligence gathered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security led to the conclusion that the state’s elections system had been targeted last year by Russia.
Elections officials said in a statement Friday that there’s no evidence the state’s elections systems were compromised or that Russian hacking attempts succeeded.

The state was first told on Sept. 23 by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that the state’s voter registration database had been scanned by Russian actors looking for weaknesses.

Homeland Security corrected that this week and said another agency had been scanned, but the goal was to access elections.

Wisconsin officials now say the state was determined to be targeted “based on a variety of sources, including intelligence information that cannot be publicly disclosed.”

Informational Budget Meeting Monday

Capital improvements in 2018 will be a focus of a special meeting being held Monday by the Langlade County Board of Supervisors. In this particular case, the board can take action on issues being discussed. There are projects ranging from fixing the courthouse parking lot to replacing windows a the county health cener and improving county highway shops. The session starts at 5 p.m. on the lower level of the Safety Building. The public is encouraged to attend.

Local Man Sentenced To Prison

An Antigo man with a checkered past is headed for prison. 30 year old Cody Head was sentenced to a total of two years behind bars for a number of crimes committed over the past couple of years. In one of those case, he was charged with child abuse intentionally causing harm for tattooing a 14 year old boy without permission from the boy’s mother. There were also drug charges, and a charge of bail jumping.

Phone Scam Targets WPS Customers

In the last couple of days a scam artist has been busy targeting Wisconsin Public Service customers. More than 100 phone calls have been made by people pretending to be WPS employees, and each of those calls is an attempt to fraudulently obtain money. One victim paid hundreds of dollars to the scammer. WPS issues a reminder that its employees never require customers to pay utility bills with prepaid cards.

Funny Money Found At Jail

Somebody passed counterfeit money at, of all places, the Langlade County Jail. Officials say a fake 50 dollar bill was discovered there. They not only want to find the person who used it ,but also the person who accepted it. It would have to have been accepted manually by a jail employee.

Prison Time For Antigo Man

Time behind bars for an Antigo man charged in separate cases. 30 year old Cody Head of Fourth Avenue was handed a prison term relating to a case dating to Aug. 2015 in which he was charged with child abuse and intentionally causing harm for tattooing a 14-year-old boy without permission from the boy’s mother. Also, his probation was revoked for Head in a case from July 2016, in which a search warrant was executed at his Fourth Avenue home and turned up marijuana and a large amount of drug paraphernalia including, scales, pipes, jewel bags and water bongs.

Vos To Walker: I Won’t Forget This

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos told Gov. Scott Walker “I won’t forget this” after Walker agreed to make several vetoes to the state budget to win support in the Senate, according to text messages released Thursday under the state’s open records law.
The Associated Press requested texts exchanges in the days after the Senate passed the state budget on Sept. 15. The Senate only had enough Republican votes to pass the plan after Walker agreed to make a series of vetoes to the budget.
Vos, who negotiated a budget deal with fellow Republicans Walker and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, said at the time that the senators were holding the Legislature hostage, being selfish and making a “ransom note” to get what they wanted.
His anger is clear in the messages sent to Walker on Sept. 16, the day after the budget passed.

“Very disappointed in the way I’ve been treated,” Vos texted. “not even the courtesy of a phone call before you took out things that were important to me.”

WPS Warns Of Scam Calls

Wisconsin Public Service is strongly urging businesses and residents to be mindful of a sharp surge in scam phone calls. In the past 24 hours, more than 100 phone scam attempts have been made by people impersonating WPS employees in order to fraudulently obtain money. The scammers have targeted a variety of businesses throughout the service area. In one case, a business fell victim to the scam and paid hundreds of dollars. In some instances, scammers have managed to disguise their calls by getting authentic company numbers to appear on caller ID.

Domestic Incident Leads To Arrest

A domestic incident in Evergreen lead to a 34-year-old man facing charges. Wednesday night, police got two calls; one just after 6pm from a resident of Smokey Road who said her neighbors two children ran to her home because they said they were afraid because their mom and dad were fighting. Also, the victim’s mother called police to report that the man involved was hurting her daughter. Police arrived and learned that the fight had turned physical. He was taken into custody.

Man Caught Bringing Drugs To Hospital Patients

Police say an Antigo man tried to bring methamphetamine to a hospital patient and got caught. They say the suspect was put on their radar by relatives of the patient in question who feared the man might be trying to bring the patient drugs. An elevated level of meth was found in the patient’s blood at which time he admitted someone had brought him the drugs. When the man came to visit again, police swooped inand found on him and uknown substance which later tested positive for meth.