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Will Foxconn Have To Follow Environmental Regs?

Gov. Scott Walker’s administration says a bill that would exempt a potential Foxconn electronics plant from environmental regulations would streamline the construction process.
Walker introduced a $3 billion incentives package for the plant on Friday. The legislation eliminates a number of key environmental compliance requirements for Foxconn, including the need to obtain state permits to fill wetlands and environmental impact statements.
Conservationists lined up Monday to oppose the bill. Walker’s office referred a request for comment to the state Department of Natural Resources, a Walker cabinet agency.
DNR spokesman Jim Dick said in an email that the bill is about streamlining the process and since Foxconn hasn’t said where the plant will be built no one knows if any wetlands will be affected.

Police: 13 Year Old Tried To Pass Fake Bill

Police say she was young and drunk and tried to pass a fake bill at the Langlade County Fair. Police got a call about the phony money surfacing at a ticket booth and there was a picture of the offender. Using that, police tracked her down. She wouldn’t tell them her name and was combative. Police say the 13 year old had apparently also been drinking and had a blood alcohol level of .115. She was charged with resisting/obstructing and officer, battery and forgery.

Woman Charged With Striking, Killing Man With Her Car

A 22 year old woman is being charged in the death of a man who was struck and killed by a vehicle outside an Antigo bar late last week. Police say 22 year old Kayla Rauhut is charged with hitting 45 year old Kevin Harris early Friday morning as he stood near the edge of a building. She reportedly got out, checked on him, then backed over him before getting out of her car and leaving the scene on foot. Harris suffered a serious head injury and died later Friday morning. Police say when they found Rauhut walking on the 800 block of Fourth Avenue, she denied striking Harris.

Anonymous Donor To Pay For School Supplies

Former Antigo school administrator Brian Misfeldt is getting an unusual welcome to his new job as Superintendent of the Bloomer School District. An anonymous donor has promised to pay for all of the school supplies for the district this year. Misfeldt says the donor will pay for everything from scissors, rulers, notebooks and glue, whatever kids need to start school. He calls it a significant financial commitment on the part of the anonymous donor.

Dynamite Found In Shed

A very dangerous housewarming present for some new homeowners in the Neva area. They called authorities on Thursday and reported that a container of old dynamite had been left behind in a shed on their property by the previous owner. The Oneida County Bomb Squad determined that the explosives were unsafe to transport and would have to be destroyed on the property. County Road A, from Chile Road To County V was shut down. A Bomb Squad robot was used to carry the dynamite from the shed to a large hole that had been dug in a nearby cornfield and that’s where it was destroyed.

Hit And Run Driver Kills Pedestrian In Antigo

A pedestrian was run down by a car and killed early Friday morning in Antigo. Police say the man was struck in the alley across from Family Video. The alley leads from a municipal parking lot to Edison Street. It happened about 2 am shortly after closing time at the nearby Taphouse tavern. The car that killed the man did not stop, and police are calling this a hit and run death. Antigo Police are investigating, and trying to track down the car and driver responsible.

Man Dead After Accident In Bar Parking Lot

Antigo Police say a man is dead after apparently being hit by a car Friday morning. They got a call at about 2:15am of a man bleeding from the head after being struck in the parking lot of a downtown Antigo bar. Reportedly, the man had been standing near the edge of the building after the bar closed when he was hit. It was near an alleyway. A witness says a woman driving a car stopped suddenly near the alleyway. A witness turned to get into his car and heard a loud noise and then screaming. That’s when he spotted the man on the ground. His right leg was stuck under the tire of the woman’s car. No word yet on the identity of the victim or pending charges.

Antigo Officer To Receive Medal Of Valor

The Antigo police officer who prevented a mass shooting at the high school prom last year is about to get a very high honor.Police Officer Andrew Hopfensperger Jr. will be awarded the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor by United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Hopfensperger was patrolling the high school grounds during the 2016 prom, when Jakob Wagner opened fire on four students leaving the event. Two of them were wounded. Within 20 seconds, Officer Hopfensperger had shot the gunman to death. The Medal of Valor is the highest national award for public safety officers and is given to recognize an act of extraordinary valor above and beyond the call duty.

Brawl Breaks Out At Fair

A brawl broke out during the opening night of the Langlade County Fair on Wednesday. According to police, they had to break up a fight involving a large group of people just past 10 pm. Police say a 16 year old boy was attacked by several others. Police used a taser on one of the attackers, but he managed to slip away from them in the crowd. They have identified six of those involved in the fight, but there were a lot more than six people involved. Most of them left before police could speak with them.

Fight Broken Up Outside County Fair

Despite all the great stuff happenign in inside, a few people decided to duke it out outside the Langlade County Fair in Antigo Wednesday night. Police were called to break up a fight involving a group of people. Reportedly, one 16 year old suck punched another as he was being attacked by others in a group. Officers say they had to use a taser to contain the primary aggressor in the fight. Police say they identified six of the people involve and the majority of them took off before they were questioned. Police say there may be citations handed out as their investigation continues.